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Our Expertises


The core activity of NucAdvisor is to support market players in the development of civilian nuclear power. Our experts have managed large infrastructure projects across the world, from early development through financing, construction, and commissioning to early operations. This experience will be put to the benefit of our clients - governments, national agencies, electrical utilities as well as private investors to assist them in building a sound, realistic and achievable nuclear development program. ​


The medical sector relies on radionuclides to assess bodily functions, to diagnose and treat diseases. Radionuclides supply chains are complex processes that have to deal with radioactive issues (safety, radiation protection, waste management), combined with pharmaceuticals constraints and regulations in the case of nuclear medicine.

Through their unique characteristics (half-life, emission types, chemical characteristics, supply chain structures…) radionuclides offer a wide range of use. NucAdvisor is actively supporting the players involved in shaping tomorrow’s sustainable supply of radionuclides.


NucAdvisor helps its clients to meet the challenges in the growing international Decommissioning & Dismantling (D&D) and Radioactive Waste sectors, by applying our knowledge of the Best International Practices, together with a pragmatic application of cost-effective solutions.


Many countries are considering the construction of new or the upgrade of existing nuclear research reactors or nuclear research centers. In particular, in a graded approach to developing nuclear energy, many newcomer countries are considering to build a nuclear research center in order to develop their nuclear infrastructure and capabilities in the fields of nuclear technology, nuclear medicine, research, training and applications of nuclear energy in the industry and agriculture, before embarking on a nuclear power program.

Our unrivalled experience in research reactors and nuclear research center facilities allows us to support these key projects through a broad scope of expertise throughout their lifecycle design, construction, commissioning, operation, isotope production, decommissioning and dismantling. NucAdvisor has been involved in most of the recent projects in this field (The Netherlands, Jordan, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia).


Small modular reactors have captured considerable interest in recent years and multiple types of designs are being developed worldwide, both by large nuclear vendors and small businesses. There are more than 70 different design concepts under development around the world with different technology and licensing maturity levels.

The most mature SMR concepts are based on Light Water Reactor (LWR) technology. SMR deployment configuration can vary between single-unit plants, multi-module plants or mobile power set-ups such as floating (i.e. barge-mounted) units. NucAdvisor is following closely the SMR ecosystem, is fully abreast of the latest developments and was directly involved in the early development and design works of one of the concepts.


Nuclear projects require careful consideration of Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards. Main guidelines are available from the International Atomic Energy Agency and need adaptation to comply with local regulations and practices. It is often the case that the vendor, in newcomer countries, will include inputs from the “country of origin” of the reference plant used as the basis for their contract.


NucAdvisor has acquired considerable international expertise to support new entrants in the early phase of their projects as well as existing regulators and owners for their new developments.

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