The Team



Hervé had a long career at CEA, holding executive positions in defense and civil nuclear fields in several CEA centers. He was CEA's Deputy Managing Director from 2008 to 2015.

Michel DEBES


Michel held various managerial positions at EDF. His experience covers NPP operation, performance, safety, and fuel. His last position was inside the EDF International Relationships Department.

Michel Debes.jpg

Jean-Philippe GIRARD


Jean-Philippe has in-depth expertise in safety across every stages of nuclear projects: design, construction, and operation. He has been involved in many new projects e.g. ITER fusion project, Barakah NPP (UAE), and JRTR (Jordan).

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Christian joined Siemens as head of the repair/replacement unit, then became head of marketing and sales. He was Technical Managing Director at AREVA, then head of the services business unit.

Nicolas MARIO


Nicola Mario.jpg

As senior consultant for NucAdvisor, Nicolas is in charge of the management and implementation of strategic, technical and economic studies for the nuclear sector (financing, regulation, radioactive wastes…) for French and international stakeholders. Nicolas is also particularly active in the radionuclide production sector, for medical and industrial applications, as he regularly provides strategic support for public and industrial players in this field.



Jan is the former head of Nuclear developement at ENGIE, the global energy company. He has large experience in international business development in the power industry including nuclear new build projects.



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Jacques is former Deputy Director in charge of Small Modular Reactors within the Nuclear Energy Department of CEA. He was also the Director of nuclear propulsion in the military applications department of the CEA and Director of engineering department at Technicatome

Rosemarie ATABEK


Rosemarie has had a long career in industrial treatment processes, encapsulation and disposal of radioactive waste, and managing RAW projects at CEA sites in France.

Quentin CHÉREL


Quentin started his career working in AREVA as a safety engineer for EPR projects initially in Paris and then in Finland as the responsible for the Safety Analysis Report and Safety Assessments. On behalf of the Finnish EPR Project Direction, he performed numerous transverse project management missions; this experience gave him broad understanding of the management of very large projects across all disciplines.

Since 2019, he works as a project manager for the construction of a Nuclear Research Center in Bolivia.



Said Abousahl 1.jpg

Said is former Head of the Euratom Coordination Unit of the Joint Research Centre. He was in charge of coordinating the JRC nuclear activities in the field of nuclear safety, safeguards and security, including CBRN activities.



Roger spent more than 40 years at EDF. Roger was notably the Technical Director of EDF Engineering Unit CNEPE (Conventional Island and BOP), Executive Delegate for International Affairs (EDF Nuclear Generation) and Executive Delegate New Reactors (SMR and Gen4) for EDF's R&D Division. He has been Executive Manager at Daya Bay and Ling’Ao Projects in China and had a five year assignment on the Taishan EPR project in China as Deputy General Manager.

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Managing Director

Laurent began his career at CEA, where he was involved in reactor operation, R&D projects in the waste management field, new build projects, and decommissioning. He joined NUVIA as  Regional Director for NUVIA Process, a company specializing in decommissioning. He is acting as a Managing Director of NucAdvisor since 2017. 

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Alain was previously Vice-President at Framatome, in charge of Technologies. He was also Head of Nuclear Activities at the CEA R&D Saclay Center. Originally specializing in core physics, he was involved in the design of the French nuclear reactors (1,300 MWe and 1,450 MWe series) and was project director of the EPR. He has large experience in providing support to countries looking to develop a nuclear program and delivers training in nuclear engineering

Alain Vallée.jpg



Gérard has more than 30 years' experience in nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety. His last position was "Nuclear Counsellor" at the French Embassy, firstly in Budapest, then in Ankara. He is still called upon as an expert by the IAEA and the EC to review certain studies and projects.

Gerard Cognet.jpg



Noel has a long career both at CEA and EDF as a Nuclear R&D manager and expert. His last position   between 2015 and 2020 was Special Advisor for Nuclear R&D and International Issues at the EDF Engineering and New Nuclear Projects Division. He is also professor of Nuclear New Build at the engineering school Mines-ParisTech PSL.

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Gérald is the former International Affairs and Scientific Director of ANDRA, the French Nuclear Waste Agency. His expertise covers nuclear waste treatment and storage at an international level.

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Dominique VIGNON


Dominique was the Chairman and CEO of Framatome from 1996 to 2002. He has been involved in the planning, design, and construction of many NPPs, including the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR).

Dominique Vignon.jpg

Gianni BRUNA


Gianni was Scientific Director of IRSN (the French TSO), after a stint as Deputy Director of the Nuclear Safety Division. Previously, he used to manage the Core Physics teams at Framatome.

Philippe MONETTE


Philippe Monette.jpg

Philippe used to be in charge of Nuclear New Build and Advanced Technologies engineering services portfolio in TRACTEBEL (Engie group), including Gen III and Gen IV reactors, SMRs, Research Reactors. He was as well in charge of the Nuclear Plant Design Integration



Senior consultant with a fifteen-year experience in the nuclear sector, for clients like EC, EDF, ORANO, ALSTOM, CEA, Naval Group and international players, in technical and managerial positions. In particular, she provides support in project management, technical coordination, audit and expertise in the decommissioning and waste management fields and physical protection.

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Slavica Ivanovic.jpg

Slavica started her career at CEA center in Saclay, where she worked as a researcher, then lecturer in training reactor to evolve in training developer that coordinated several international agreements.

With the broad knowledge of energy sector, today she is in charged for several techno-economic studies in nuclear field, safety studies, research reactor design review and review of licensing documentation in nuclear field.



Pierre is a senior technical consultant with a diversified experience in all aspects of nuclear safety and also related domains (safeguards, security, occupational safety, environment), with operational experience and involvement in several international projects. He took part in nuclear safety engineering projects for the industry (operations, newbuild, dismantling) but also in institutions, and in fields such as instrumentation, radiation protection, radwaste treatment and disposal.

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